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Q - & - A                  

Q 1 = Does Az Require that Landlords do Monthly Pest Control Treatments.
A 1 = Well here is a link to Tentent / Landlord laws you Decide your Self. (Cick Here)

Q 2 = What if I Rent a Home or Apartment an I move in and I Think it Has Bedbugs Who Pays.
A 2 = Well That Is a Tricky One There is no Law on that but there is a bill in the senate for this
please read it very careful. (click here)

Q 3 = Are you licensed and insured ?
A 3 = YES . If you do any type of pest control in AZ other then at your own home you must be licensed and insured . Thru the Az Office of Pest Management and carry a min of $500,000.00 insurance.

Q 4 = How can you offer prices so much lower then any other pest control company in Az ?
A 4 = Our over head is 50% lower then most pest control companies.

Q 5 = Why do you offer bi monthly and quarterly prices but come to my home every month and spray ?
A 5 = There are many different reasons for this the most important is safety for you and your family.
Most chemicals only last 30 to 45 days it depends on temp , humidity , area of use and % of active ingredients . So the stronger we mix the chemical the more dangerous it is for you and your family so we keep the active ingredient % as low as possible to last a min of 30 days.
So you don’t have to call us back in-between treatments we put you on our schedule every month to keep those nasty bugs away.

Q 6 = Do you water down your chemicals ?
A 6 = No , There are State and Federal laws on how much of a % of active ingredient per gal of water that we can use. This differs from chemical to chemical it depends on a lot of different factors. Such as inside or outside , what kind of pest. There are just so many different factors to list the most important is what the label says on how to reduce it for what kind of pest.

Q 7 = The products that you use are they odorless ?
A 7 = Yes most of them are , I do use some additives for different types of treatments that have a slight Odor but I will let you know in advance when I do.

Q 8 = The products that you use are they KID , PET safe ?
A 8 = For the most part they are. Just remember they are still chemicals they are only safe as the person that is using them and how they place them. ( We are very well trained on all products that we use )
Warning- Pesticides can be harmful. Keep Children and Pets away from pesticide applications until dry, dissipated, or aerated. For more information, contact BUG-N-OUT PEST CONTROL LLC #8819 at 623-695-0896 United States Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Q 9 = I see that you don’t guarantee your service until After the 2nd consecutive treatment.
A 9 = Yes on general pest treatments we feel that it takes at lest 2 treatments to get most pest problems under control. If Tech deems an infestation has reacquired. We will Retreat area of infestation only not a complete retreatment if a complete treatment is wanted we will scdl it for your next treatment date.  We are a one man operation and are in some areas 1 time a month so we may ask you to wait until your next appointment unless the issue is inside of home and out of control.
If problem is outside we most likly will ask you to wait for you next appointment as we are unable to forcast weather condition and bug activity outside. We try to control the pest out side as much as possible but it is imposible to tottaly get rid of all pest outside.

We do give a 30 day guarantee on special treatments like bed bugs , German roaches, ect. (guarantee starts the day of first treatment)


 Q 10 = Pesticides labeled eco friendly are they odorless ?
A 10 = No most of them have a strong odor of peppermint , citrus because most eco friendly products are made from some sort of plaint or fruit oil. ( Please read all labels they should tell you if they are or not )

Q 11 = Pesticides labeled eco friendly are they kid and pet safe ?
A 11 = If the label says it is. It must be. But I have a lot of questions about that myself just because there are products made from natural products and I know that there are a lot of plaints and natural things out there that can harm small kids or animals. Just remember that they are still a chemical made from natural products. ( Please read all labels before use ) 

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