I am putting a Steel Building behind my home do I need a Termite Pre-Treatment ?
That is a tricky question because it is a steel building that does not mean it is going to be termite free. Because there are up to 20 subterranean termite colonies per acre in Arizona the steel is not going to stop them from infesting they will make shelter tubes up the steel or threw any cracks or expansion joints in the cement looking for wood , cardboard ect any thing made from wood. Also if you go to SALE or REFI your home all structures will need to be inspected and if any one of them shows signs of termites the lender will require a treatment with a min of a 1yr warranty. Even if it is Steel.

So what type of Buildings should have a Termite Pre-Treatment ?
We feel all buildings on Residential or Commercial property that has a cement floor should have a Termite Pre-Treatment weather the structure is Wood , Block , Steel .​ Ect..
A Termite Pre-Treat just does not protect the building it also PROTECTS the CONTENTS   Such as ( Wood Walls , Work Benches , Cabinets  GRANDMAS 200yr Old Dresser,Desk ,China in a Wood Crate 
Cardboard Boxes , ECT. Because termites don't care that it is not a Building all they are looking for is something to destroy.   

What is a Termite Pre- Treatment made before or during construction ?
It is the creation of a chemical barrier between the soil and the concrete floor of a structure. Done properly, the barrier can help prevent subterranean termites from infesting the wood in the structure.

Termite Pre-Treatments Made Before or During Construction must be performed by a licensed pest control operator. Termiticide used must be applied in a manner consistent with the product label, and the rules and regulations of the Arizona Pest Management Division.

How do I know if my Home / Building needs a Termite Pre-Treatment made before or during construction ?
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Administration Housing and Urban Development (VA HUD), and the laws in many communities of Arizona require that any building built as a single family residence or a duplex, or which could be sold with FHA or VA HUD warranted financing, to have a soil treatment made before or during construction. The pest control company is required by state regulation to treat occurrences of subterranean termites for 3 years from the date of the original treatment..

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How do I know if my Home or Building had a Pre-Treat ?

Your building will get 2 stickers the first one on the day of the Pre-Treat it will be placed on your construction board or some where it can be seen by the inspector after it is done the termite company has 1yr to come back from the date of the Pre-Treat and do finale grade treatment and place sticker in ele box on building..